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  • Stargaze Scentsy Warmer


    Ring in Radiance with the new Stargaze Scentsy Warmer! Stargaze comes alive with a brilliant burst of light and colour, giving you a front-row seat to a dazzling show.

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    Passport Scentsy Warmer


    With all the markings of a seasoned world traveler, Passport will take your décor around the globe without leaving home.

  • Metallic Skull Scentsy Warmer


    Doom and gloom never looked so inviting. Metallic Skull is finished in shiny black for a bold look perfect for even the most dedicated Halloween display.

  • Little Garden Scentsy Warmer


    This artistic piece features a heating element to safely warm wax without illumination.

    A meditative merging of cool grays and clean contours elevates this DIY warmer to artistic heights. Little Garden also includes three faux succulents and one bag of black stones, and can even be used with one of our Decorative Scenes. Or you can get creative and make your own exhibit using figurines, faux flora, rocks and more!

    Little Garden Scentsy Warmer is an element warmer.
    Our element warmers work just like our traditional warmers but instead of a light bulb, the wax is heated by a heating element, similar to a hot plate.

  • Built with Love Scentsy Charity Warmer


    Home is a lot more than a few walls and a roof. It’s a meal at the dinner table. It’s family game night. It’s “one more bedtime story” and morning light through the windows. It’s where memories are made. Help us make home possible for more families.

    We’ll donate £10 from the sale of each Built with Love Warmer to Habitat for Humanity

    Melt our wax with the heat of an element and fill your space with fragrance — no flame, smoke or soot.

    £55, 20 cm tall, Element

  • Black Knight Scentsy Warmer


    Bring on the knight! This bold and statuesque statement piece was designed for those with a distinct flair for the dramatic.

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    Black Crush Scentsy Warmer


    Black Crush is beautiful on or off, but when lit, this mosaic
    of onyx glass comes alive with dramatic, speckled light.

    Need a replacement bulb for this Scentsy warmer, it can be purchased here